New Teacher Subject Days

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for those in their first

few years of teaching

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PTI New Teacher Subject Days are professional development days specifically designed for those in their first few years of teaching.

The New Teacher Subject Days course runs over four Saturdays. The next full course begins in Autumn 2023.

  • These CPD courses are perfect for Early Career Teachers and trainees:
  • Developed by experienced teachers
  • Centred on pedagogical approaches
  • Features speakers from leading universities
  • Enhances subject knowledge and teaching strategy
  • Provides new teachers with a network of peers
The New Teacher Certificate is a personal accreditation

The New Teacher Certificate is a personal accreditation

Gain the New Teacher Certificate

Teachers who attend all four New Teacher Subject Days for their subject and complete quality Learning Resource Assignments will be eligible to receive the PTI New Teacher Certificate, a personal accreditation recognising the development of specialist subject knowledge.

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New Teacher Subject Days Eligibility

Trainees and ECTs

Courses are recommended for secondary in-school teacher trainees (e.g. Teach First, School Direct), ECTs and those in their first few years of teaching. 

Returning to the profession

We also welcome those returning to the profession. Please note that the courses are designed for subject specialists, though non-specialists are encouraged to contact us to discuss suitability. 

Teachers who have already completed the course

Topics have changed since last year, so those teachers who want to attend again are welcome to do so.