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Why I support the PTI

Anthony Frieze

"I have been an active supporter of the PTI for almost 10 years now and seen it grow, flourish and extend its reach to hundreds of thousands of secondary school pupils. The key appeal for me is the PTI's unerring focus on tracking the effect of participation in its programmes by schools and the outcomes in terms of improved subject engagement and challenge at the departmental level and, of course, that of pupils. There is a constant, relentless emphasis within the organisation on refining the metrics on feedback, attitudes to learning and raised expectations from the point at which the PTI first engages. As one of our biggest individual donors commented to me early on: this is an organisation focussed on hard, measurable outcomes.”

Why we support the PTI

Esther and Romie Tager

“Our involvement with the PTI is a consequence of our concern with failing standards in education in the state sector. We believe that the work of the PTI encourages teachers in the state sector to rediscover their passion for their chosen subject and career and indeed for teaching children. That passion is then communicated to their pupils who may then be encouraged to view a better education as a way of improving their lives and employment prospects.The testimonials from teachers who have participated in PTI workshops and seminars demonstrate that this is the case.”