Hear from some of our supporters on why the PTI is important to them: 

“Since its inception in 2007, the PTI's tireless efforts have positively influenced the lives of millions of children by promoting groundbreaking teaching methods and empowering over 30,000 teachers. Investing in good teachers can change the school experience for a child and I am very proud that we’ve been able to offer first-rate training at this time of uncertainty in the educational landscape. In 2022 alone, our efforts reached an astounding 340,000 students. We know that CPD enthuses and reengages teachers with their subject, resulting in effective and passionate teaching to inspire the next generation” -  Keith Breslauer (PTI Chairman)

“I support the PTI because I believe that inspirational teachers can change children's lives. Teachers are key in inspiring a love of a particular subjectand learning, but in order to stay motivated and passionate they need and deserve continuous professional development. The PTI provides this support for teachers, giving them a community that can share best practice and learn from each other. Without the provision of challenging and diverse education for all children, it will be hard for this country to thrive and I believe that the PTI plays an important role in the success of this educational base.” -  Jenny Robinson-Eastwood (PTI Development Leadership Group Member)

“I believe that the work that the PTI does is crucial, enabling teachers to reconnect with the love of their subjects outside the constraints of the syllabus and education policy-makers. Supporting the PTI allows the charity to play a significant part, not only in driving higher standards in education, but also in helping to retain reinspired teachers within the profession, for the benefit of us all.” - Jon May (PTI Development Leadership Group Member)