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Why we support the PTI

Esther and Romie Tager

“Our involvement with the PTI is a consequence of our concern with failing standards in education in the state sector. We believe that the work of the PTI encourages teachers in the state sector to rediscover their passion for their chosen subject and career and indeed for teaching children. That passion is then communicated to their pupils who may then be encouraged to view a better education as a way of improving their lives and employment prospects.The testimonials from teachers who have participated in PTI workshops and seminars demonstrate that this is the case.”

Become a donor

As a donor to the PTI you will be investing in teachers, helping them ignite ambition in young minds across the country. This is crucial if we are to increase aspiration and raise education standards in state schools.


One-off donation

Every donation enables us to continue our work, inspiring teachers and improving subject learning for their pupils.

For example, a donation of £1,000 will allow over 340 students to benefit from more effective teaching.

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Become a Patron

Our Patrons are our core group of individual donors, who support our work over the longer term. We ask our Patrons to commit to an annual gift for three to five years. As a Patron, your long term support is vital to the continuity of our programmes.

Join a community of like-minded philanthropists who are building greater challenge and aspiration in our schools through their long-term support of our programmes.

Patron contributions
Chairman's Circle £50,000 + p.a.
helping over 17,000 children each year
Investors' Club £25,000 + p.a.
helping over 8,500 children each year
Diamond Patron £10,000 + p.a.
helping over 3,000 children each year
Gold Patron £5,000 + p.a.
helping over 1,700 children each year
Silver Patron £2,000 + p.a.
helping over 650 children each year
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