The challenge | To support Pupil Premium students to ensure that their school experience includes access to activities commensurate with their peers. This is while ensuring that the school gets an annual intake of at least 20% Pupil Premium students in Year 7.

The method

  • Work began with seven new primary school partners and children attended familiarisation summer schools and Saturday sessions
  • A link was established with an industry partner based in a socially and economically deprived area, to visit primary partners and deliver activities on site
  • Post 16 Bursary students were actively encouraged to participate in activities and competitions, which was supported by the funding where appropriate
  • A programme of university and career information sessions was offered to Years 12-13, and take-up by disadvantaged students and their families was in line with their peers

The impact | Pupil Premium student intake in Year 7 rose to 25%, and applications from targeted areas have been steadily increasing. More primary schools became actively engaged with the school and staff – attendance at ‘grammar school experience’ events was high. Outcomes for Pupil Premium students in English and Maths at GCSE were in excess of their peers and way beyond national attainment. However, in some subject areas (especially the Arts), disadvantage still had an impact.

Contact | Annie Gouldsworthy