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The PTI offers a wide range of CPD courses, workshops and programmes for teachers at all stages of their career.

We support teachers to develop specialist subject knowledge by providing high-quality subject-specific CPD. We offer a range of music CPD courses - see below to select a course and book for free.

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Mon 11 & Wed 13 May 2020

A love of listening

A two part online course in conversation with Music experts to inspire a love of listening in the classroom.

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  • Discover how to choose repertoire that forms the basis of student’s musical experience, particularly at Key Stage 3
  • Strengthen and explore how to teach the skill of listening to encourage a love of this topic
  • Engage young listeners with a variety of different music

Thu 18 June 2020

What’s new in new music?

Discover the hidden depths behind ‘new’ music and musical discourse through the ages

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  • Develop our own concept of new music and its narrative
  • Discuss practical ways to encourage students to move out of musical conventions and break new ground
  • Discuss techniques used in resources that will be shared, and how they can be applied to other activities such as performance, listening and composing