This January, beat the blues with 'Walk with PTI'. We challenge you to take on 490,000 steps in less than 49 days, to help us support teachers and students across the UK.

490,000 represents the number of children which PTI will hope to impact in 2022, so clock up those steps and help us raise money to support this worthy cause. Learn more about how we support teachers/children in the UK.

Walk with PTI is a great way to support “information on PTI”, while ticking off a big goal in 2022 and also keeping fit!

It is just £10 to sign up and we are inviting everyone who participates to raise a targeted amount of £50.

£50 will allow us to cover the cost of supporting just under thirty children throughout the UK.


The rules

  • There is no minimum fundraising amount but if you raise over £100, we will send you one of our customised PTI t-shirts.
  • Each person is responsible for tracking their own steps but you can do this using your mobile phone, smart watch or other device.
  • It is possible for you to link your Strava/Fitbit application to your JustGiving page in order to keep everyone up to date and keep the pressure on!
  • We ask that you make sure you follow the coronavirus rules and regulations for your area to keep you and your community safe. Find out more here for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England.

We will also be available to provide any additional information you need and how we can support you after registering. For all enquiries get in touch with us by e-mail:

What your fundraising will support

  • £182 covers the cost of each teacher.
  • £1.70 covers the cost of each student.

The advantages of joining the Walk with PTI challenge

Supporting the PTI – while also staying healthy at the beginning of 2022 you will also help us support the 490,000 children for next year.

Keep Motivated – this challenge will allow you to stay active while also competing against your friends and family in order to get those important steps in!