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The PTI believes that all children are entitled to be taught by passionate teachers.

80% of parents now have new respect for teachers in the wake of COVID-19. The PTI is supporting teachers through this crisis.

Read on to find out how you can help support these unsung heroes as they face the challenge of teaching through this pandemic.

  • We support the professional development of passionate teachers
  • We help teachers develop specialist subject knowledge
  • 100% of teachers would recommend the PTI to a colleague
  • So far during the pandemic, we've supported thousands of teachers by providing free online CPD
  • Our courses, lectures and forums are spaces for teachers to feel invigorated and connected

We need your help in order to continue to support teachers and invest in this vital profession. Please donate today.

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Are you a teacher? View our latest CPD Online Courses. All our summer online CPD is completely free.

Fundraise for teachers

If you'd like to help support all the amazing work that teachers are doing every day, why not do some fundraising for the PTI? Start your fundraising challenge and raise money for the PTI through Virgin moneygiving, here.

For more information on how to support the PTI please contact Naomi (

We've compiled some lockdown fundraising ideas below:

Do a sponsored run or cycle ride

Hold a virtual kitchen disco for your kids and their friends

‘Virtually climb’ well-known mountains or buildings with a stair climb challenge

Hold a virtual pub quiz to raise funds

Raise money through a virtual cookery lesson

Teachers, browse our selection of online lectures from esteemed speakers

Why invest in developing teachers' subject knowledge?

Improve student outcomes – there is strong evidence that deep subject knowledge impacts student outcomes.

“The most effective teachers have deep knowledge of the subjects they teach” The Sutton Trust, 2014

Inspire effective teaching – high-quality CPD for teachers has a significant effect on pupils’ learning outcomes.

“There is good evidence that high-quality professional development (CPD) for teachers can significantly improve pupils’ attainment.” Education Policy Institute, 2020

Help all teachers access CPD – Out of 36 OECD countries, England ranks 30th in the amount of time spent on professional development. 

High-quality professional development in the UK remains the privilege of a few, whilst others are too often denied access to the support and development they deserve.